5 Healthy Choices in Italian Restaurants

Italian Restaurants Can Be Healthy

Italian Restaurants in GrapevineMaybe you have visited an Italian restaurant with the intention to have a healthy meal. Many have the misconception that there is no such thing as a healthy meal in Italian restaurant. Fear not, we have a solution for you to enjoy your favorite Italian food by giving you 5 healthy meals offered in Italian restaurants so you will be aware things to order. Just follow along and you may maintain a healthy diet meals in Italian restaurants and understand what to buy. According to Robert Alley, a Yahoo Contributor there are 3 miracle words for healthy eating which include fiber, calories and fat.

Dietary amounts and recommendations will be different at each Italian restaurant. Now let’s get started on finding 5 healthy Italian meals.


The successful in healthy diet is definitely consuming Italian food in small portions. Soup is a great way to start and merely remember in case your Italian restaurant gives you too much soup you can leave it. Many taste soups contain as little as 50 calories, 1 gram of fat and three grams of fiber in a single serving.


With 120 calories, 3.5 grams of body fat and three grams of fiber a salad without dressing is really a safe and healthy choice. The issue with Italian preparing salads, or any preparing salads for your matter, may be the dressing. So either go without dressing, order dressing in a small amount or choose a minimal calorie dressing, for example balsamic vinegar or use a lemon as a dressing.


The only real answer in this region is to consume very little. There’s not one other approach to take with bread. Only a small portion and you’ll remain healthy and well.


People generally think chicken as healthy which holds true. However, what comes with  the chicken could be a health disaster. For instance, don’t order chicken alfredo. The alfredo is certainly nothing but calories and fat. So you need to be selective to find a good healthy chicken dish.


When you attend any restaurant you can’t ever fail with fish. So search for fish and you’ll be safe. Avoid shrimp and then any dish having a creamy sauce. Incidentally if you’ll want shrimp opt for the shrimp primavera.

PASTA is a Specialty at Italian Restaurants

I understand you’re going for that pasta. That’s why you visited the Italian restaurant. In the end, what’s likely the reason for an Italian restaurant, other than to consume pasta. I’m along with you on that so my four options are Linguine alla Marinara, Ravioli di Portobello and Cheese Ravioli with marinara sauce or with meat sauce. All suit you perfectly of lower calories and body fat and fiber. Calories vary from 430 (linguine) to 790 (cheese ravioli with meat sauce) with linguine the obvious champion if you want to help keep the body fat low. Of all of the dishes the linguine could be my choice from strictly a proper perspective.

I’ve provided 5 healthy options for dining within Italian restaurants. If you fail to commit to memory, keep in mind the fundamentals: avoid creamy sauces, alfredo, considerable amounts of cheese, bread and dressing so when doubtful, request. You may enjoy your experience without feeling guilty or investing the next day working out and depriving.

This information has been provided by Robert Alley, Yahoo! Contributor Network

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