One Of The Highest Rated Restaurants In Grapevine

Restaurants in Grapevine After a long day of working, it’s nice to sit back and relax over a good meal. Napolis Restaurant in Grapevine, Texas is a great restaurant to do just that. 

Restaurants Offer Great Food Options 

The menu options at Napoli’s Restaurant consist of the typical selections at most Italian restaurants, but with superior flavor and presentation. The food ranges from the simple dishes such as eggplant parmesan and spaghetti to popular deserts such as cannoli. The menu also includes numerous other pasta, sub, soup, and seafood dishes. This wide selection makes delicious foods available for people of all taste preferences in Grapevine. 


The pricing at Napolis Restaurant is comparable to that of other great restaurants. Entrée’s range from ten to twenty dollars, and appetizers range from five to ten dollars. This price is a fair trade for the delicious, gourmet dishes that Napolis Restaurant has to offer. When compared with others, Napolis Restaurant provides the better deal for Grapevine due to the excellent service and great quality of food. 


The quality of service at Napolis Restaurant is far superior to the service in other restaurants nowadays. The servers and hosts are all very polite and seem very happy to please guests. While many restaurants treat patrons as customers, Napolis Restaurant treats its patrons as honored guests. Food is served quickly, drinks remain full, special requests are carried out, and courtesies are maintained all while doing so. The service of Napolis Restaurant is an excellent complement to the restaurant’s great food. 


While Napolis Restaurant does not have any televisions like a sports bar does, on many nights there is live entertainment. This usually features great musicians from the local Grapevine area. This live entertainment sets Napolis Restaurant apart from the others and helps produce a fun environment that people enjoy visiting consistently. The entertainment makes this restaurant not only an excellent place to eat dinner, but also the perfect location to have fun with friends and family. 

Family Friendly Atmosphere at Restaurants in Grapevine 

Overall, Napolis Restaurant is great for the entire family. The restaurant is quiet enough to easily carry on a conversation, but it is loud enough to keep things from feeling dull or boring. With the kind staff, great food, live music, and great company of friends and family, Napolis restaurant provides a fun and exciting atmosphere that will melt away the stress of everyday life. 

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