Italian Food 101 in Grapevine

Italian Restaurant Grapevine


Many would agree that Italy is the food capital of the world. Millions visit Italy not only for its art, architect but for its food.   We are passionate about Italian food in Grapevine and share this love of food to our neighbors. Maybe the reason why so many people love Italian food is because it focuses on top quality, local ingredients and the simple recipes.


Italian Food in Grapevine is limited and finding true ingredients and high quality dishes is difficult. However we strive to deliver a little Italy experience with each dish we create. So what makes an Italian course?


  • Antipasto: is before the meals which include hot or cold appetizers.
  • Primi piatti: this is the first course which is usually a more filling dish and may contain risotto, pasta or gnocchi.
  • Secondo: means the second course and the main dish, is typically a meat.
  • Contorno: is the side plate such as a salad or vegetables.
  • Dolce: is the dessert, like cakes and cookies.
  • Caffè: is your coffee, capuccino, or latte


Come and check out our store in the Historic District of Grapevine Texas and try real Italian Food!

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